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Small update, since Things Are Going Well so I can be positive and happy!

1. I have actually started writing my dissertation. I repeat: there are words. They are on a page. And they're going to show up in my dissertation eventually. HURRAH

2. I'm putting up finishing touches on my first submission for an article! \0/

3. I WAS ASKED TO TEACH A COURSE!!! Like, a university-level course! Context: my department doesn't have funding for PhD students to teach courses, so we only TA. But there's a cohort doing a B.Ed in language revitalisation (they get a teaching certificate to be language teachers of their nation's language + B.Ed) and their nation's language is very close to the language I'm learning. So Indigenous Education asked me to teach them a course to strengthen their linguistic knowledge!!! And, the most important bit, since I panicked a little bit because I had no idea what their level is and it's super hard to find resources about their language (like, I have one 3-paragraph short story and around another half story (non-consecutive) from data that was published in an article): I just heard back from the person who taught them the other courses and according to what he said my plan is actually going to work! YAY! I am not going to find myself in November having run out of things to teach them!

4. Also, 3 is super important because I'm not getting any funding from the department this year, so I'm not going to be broke!

5. Also it's really good cos I'm applying for a job/ post-doc at the Hebrew University. I don't know if I'd get it - this is the first course I properly teach + I have one co-authored publication, one co-authored book chapter, and my soon-to-be-submitted paper. And that's it. But... trying to better than not trying, and they ARE looking for someone with a speciality in language documentation.

6. And today I had a good conversation with a researcher in Israel about a possible project that I can put in my plan. And it's the kind of project that the university can use to publicise itself so maybe it will make my chances a little bit better... It was kind of hilarious though, I'm used to emphasise my connection to Education when I'm talking to people about this kind of project. The person I talked to significantly warmed up to me when he realised my connection to Education isn't formal and that I'm a linguist. TIL in 'don't make assumptions'.

and 7. Because clearly I'm not busy enough, I'm starting private lessons in French and Arabic to get to actually speak the languages. I've actually been progressing a bit with Arabic until the summer came and I became super busy, but I never get the chance to speak, so being taught by a tutor is a good step forward in making me conversational.

(but really it's stupid I have no time lol.)


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