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Now the Likkud and Israel Beitenu are in a competition on who's the better fascist, so they're going back to investigating left wing NGOs because they're left wing.

Not to mention bringing up the idea that the Knesset would decide the judges of the Supreme Court, i.e less judges who are likely to oppose laws such as this.

Not to mention the MKs being quoted as saying "don't they [the Supreme court] dare interfere with the boycott law".

The US makes sure to point out that if the Israeli left is hoping for intervention from outside forces before all hell breaks loose (and perhaps,after), we're gravely mistaken.

As does the European Union. Oh, no. They're worried. That's alright then.

On other news, new instructions from the Minsitry of Education say preschool children would have to be taught to sing the national anthem by heart.

When Yediot start to sound like HaAretz, we're in deep shit.

On other news, we ended up at work with a conversation that compared Lieberman to the Human Centipede. It's more complicated than you think!
Basically, HaAretz always put the scariest photos possible of Lieberman when they have something related to it. SO I had the HaAretz page open, and Tanya saw that and commented that they're always doing that, probably trying to scare the public of him etc.
And here's the Human Centipede connection. When HC2 was banned in the UK, there were all the people who commented on how the government cannot be allowed to censor art, that they shouldn't interfere, etc etc. My reaction was that generally I agree with this sentiment, however the HC is not the movie I'd start protesting over this.
Same with Lieberman's pictures. Yes, it's not good that they're trying to affect public opinion by putting on the scariest photographs possibly of him, (and god can the man look scary in pictures!). But he's not the one I'd start protesting over this.

The more scared people are of Lieberman, the better.
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Fuck them. Seriously.

Well, I've been boycotting products from the settlement and shops and such whose main factories are in settlements for years now.



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